HAES Practice Resources

Glad to welcome you to this abundantly rich HAES resource page. Please use any and all listed and let us know how the resources worked in your practice. If there are resources that you currently use that are not listed, let us know and we will add them.

Print-Based Resources

Eating Competence

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating- Type 2 Diabetes focus 

Assessing Weight Bias (Rudd Center)

Tips for healthy eating HAES (Patient Handout)

How to Build A Healthy Preschooler

Understanding Weight Stigma (OAC)

Video-Based Resources

Body Positive (3:34 min)

Shift the Focus TEDx (7:59 min)

Shift the Focus – National Dialogue on Healthy Weights (1:46 min)

PPT from Weight Summit Workshop (May 1)

May 1_830_HAES- A Compassionate Approach to Body Weight_Rochefort_Gingras

Research Articles on Ethical Issues Related to Promoting “Healthy Weights”, Weight Loss Dieting, and Weight Stigma

2013 Uncharted side of obesity prevention (Pinhas, et al.)

Eur J Public Health-2013-Have-299-305(4)

2012_oreilly_harms of wt centred

Weight Science (Bacon & Aphramor)

Preventing Disordered Eating in Context of Obesity Panic (Beausoleil, 2009)

2012_weight stigma among israeli dietitians.full

2011_dickenson_role of fatosphere


Intuitive Eating Certification


Eating Myself Crazy by Treena Wynes (workshop attendee)


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